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How to choose a Lucrative Affiliate Marketing Niche in 2021

By livesmartuk

February 8, 2021

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Let me explain what niche is and why matters to affiliate marketers. A niche is a subject or category you specialize in it's your target audience "the more specific you are the better".

Affiliate Niche Example.

Let's say you are going to create a website reviewing and Promoting Nike trainers. To promote the trainers your sales page could the three following terms lets see which one you think is most specific and sounds most like what you would type into Google search.

Some of the links below are affiliate links, so we may receive a commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. Check our disclosure for more info.

Description 1: Men's shoes for sale:

Men's shoes is a niche! But it's too vague "not many people Web Search men's shoes!"

 Description 2: Men's Nike Shoes:

This is a little better slightly more specific at least it mentions a brand!

Description 3: Men's Size 9 Blue Nike AirForce 1 Trainers:

Perfect we know they are Men's, Nike Airforce 1's we know the size even the colour. This is exactly what someone would type into to Google that's how specific your niche has to be. This will get you the most traffic.

Sucessfull Affiliate Niche Websites.

All the successful online marketers have one thing in common they are King of their niche the go-to authority "the font of all knowledge" in the UK if you want financial advice you go to Martin Lewis at moneysavingexpert.com cos you know he's got the answers. If you need a mortgage in the US you check Nerdwallet.com for the best deals they are the king of their niche!

Plus they are both amazingly profitable affiliate websites when you click on a mortgage deal on Nerdwallet it's an affiliate link if you sign for a 500K 30-year mortgage how much commission do you think they will receive? Its 4 figures per referral and they are getting millions of hit's on their site every day!

The secret to a great affiliate niche website is that people don't even know it is one! They think the site is doing them a favour & that Martin lewis is just a nice guy who likes helping you with your finances! Maybe he is! I'm sure he loves all that affiliate commission too. If you create a website that solves problem's through great advice then the money will come rolling over time.

adam powell Writer

How to choose your perfect affiliate niche.

Affiliate marketing is just like starting any other business, you should choose the one you have a knowledge and passion for it's much easier to sell something you know about, this will make your adverts more natural and less spammy. It will also seem more like a hobby than actual work. Don't chase niches just for profit! Don't pick a pet niche if you can't stand animals.

Make sure you choose an Evergreen niche like Health, Finance, Love, Real-estate theses niches earn you an income 12 months a year as opposed to specializing in Christmas or Halloween which are profitable niches but only for 2 months.

Top 10 Best Evergreen Affiliate Niches 2021


Health & Fitteness

Even during the lockdown, we find health and fitness on our top spot maybe its more important than ever as we all know the mood-lifting boost we get from exercise.

It's just that this year the delivery method is slightly different instead of standing in a sweaty room full of lycra-clad fatties were all jumping around in our living rooms in front of a Zoom screen! This is still one of the easiest affiliate niches to market, this is what I would do.

Promote with Fiverr affiliate program: Website Fiverr.com : Category Lifestyle : Fitness lessons.

affiliate niche

The Fiverr.com Lifestyle category was made for lockdown! They couldn't have timed it better it solves so many stay at home problems.

Example: Seller: Thetruth: I will be your online personal fitness trainer and nutritionist

For just £15.35 "I will create professional custom made Diet and Workout plan and motivate you to achieve your goal." 

This guys got 55 reviews at 5*


"Alex was one of the nicest and most helpful guys I have talked too. He got me a personalized workout and diet plan in less than 24 hours and went through the whole thing with me would definitely chose to order from him again over anyone else".

Jake Martins

Learn how to promote these links via: 

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  • Website / Blog 
  • Email marketing
  • Facebook marketing 



People are pet crazy they will spend £1000's on Vet's bills caring for their pampered pooch or pussy. Well maybe now they don't have to, this next affiliate idea is one we used on another site allgrl.com we used the JustAnswer affiliate program for this one. JustAnswer is a website where you pay a small fee to talk online to a professional in this case it's a Vet you save a fortune and you don't even need to leave your own home which is a double win these days. 

JustAnswer can be used as an affiliate text link or via their smart widget which is a really cool "Ask an expert popup window". Questions can be answered directly from your website, every question answered gets you a nice juicy commission ranging from £3-£15 depending on the category of question answered..

Promote with JustAnswer affiliate program: Website JustAnswer.com

pet affiliate niche

The JustAnswer referral program has lots of Professional Catagories for you to promote inc Law: Mechanic, Tax, Small Business Advice, Antiques, Doctor Medical, Vet, Solicitor and many more.


Create an optin form saying sing up for justAnswer affiliates for free start earning today! Use the emails for the justanswer referal program!!

Learn how to promote these links via: 

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  • Website / Blog 
  • Email marketing
  • Facebook marketing 


Frugal Living 

Frugal living is trending off the chart this year as people cut right back on their spending as they always do in uncertain times. It's niches like frugal living that weed out the fakers you see it all the time on Pinterest "save $100's a month on your household bills" When you read their blog post gives you groundbreaking advice like turn off your lights, take less time in the shower!! they cash in by filling the post with "horrific" google Adsense pop up ads. Never trust a blog with AdSense it's the last-ditch attempt to make money online by a Fake Guru they obviously can't make money following their own advice.

We can completely dominate the frugal living niche in 2021! Giving Solid Gold valuable advice using the JustAnswer affiliate program as discussed in the pet section. The value we can offer customers with this program is unbeatable you can join JustAnswer for a trial price of £1-£5 for a week's worth of unlimited questions to 100's of professionals in many niches.

I would create a killer landing page for whichever niche you want to promote giving the advantages of using JustAnswer compared to visiting a professional' then have a JustAnswer pop up window at the bottom of the page ready to answer their questions.

Example: How to save money on motoring expenses.

Speak to a highly trained mechanic online or on the phone from the comfort of your own home no need to travel miles and be charged up to £100 per hour on labour alone! Did you know that 1 in 3 motoring problems can be sorted by simply speaking to a mechanic? Speak to a professional now and see how much you could save join JustAnswer today for only £5 for a weeks trial.

Try something like this for Law, Mechanic, Tax, Small Business Advice, Antiques, Doctor Medical, Vet, Solicitor and many more.

Learn how to promote these links via: 

  • Pinterest
  • Website / Blog 
  • Email marketing
  • Facebook marketing  
step 4

Nutrition : Cooking

Bang on Trend! The Cooking / Nutrition Niche is on Fire at the moment with more people cooking at home than ever before why not cash in.

The best thing about crushing this niche is that you don't even need any design skills to promote it like a Pro! I put one or both of the following examples into action ASAP!

Example 1: Affiliate Marketing on Instagram .

affiliate niche

I've found this seller on Fiverr:  iamkhalilrehman : who will: I will design the best quality Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Weight Loss, and Muscle building infographics for your Instagram account.

I've studied his work and it's 1st class custom material you get 100 Instagram posts for £19.10Even if you had design skills it wouldn't be worth all that work yourself. 

Post these killer graphics build your Instagram following then add your own Fitness Niche Affiliate links into the mix to earn you your commission. 

Example 2: Affiliate Marketing on YouTube.

fiverr cooking video

For just £61 you can have a professionally created "cooking recipe video like tasty BuzzFeed food" check the vids out these things are epic HD cool music well produced. This is a ready-made business upload these to YouTube with Google AdSense and get paid up to £5 per 1000 views.

Learn how to promote these links via: 

  • Pinterest
  • Website / Blog 
  • Email marketing
  • Facebook marketing  
step 5

Making Money.

The original Evergreen niche and something 99% of the population wants the secret to. If you can advise on any aspect of making money, have you run your own business? Can you write a blog or even an ebook describing your business journey what worked what didn't.  Join Fiverr Affiliate Program for Free the add their business niche affiliate links into your post.

adam powell Writer

When Inspiration Flows, It shows.

The money-making niche gives me such a Buzz! I could just keep writing and never stop. Ideas just flow "that's why I created this website to get all my inspiration in one place" When I coach clients face to face "on Zoom now" they're blown away at my enthusiasm! That's exactly how YOU need to be when promoting your chosen niche whatever it maybe.

Top 5 Money Making Niche Links we Promote:

The learn Fiverr Digital Courses were made for the money-making niche. Created by the worlds leading marketing experts. They give people access to future proof online skills a chance to work from home online "it's what they don't teach you in collage"

Program: Learn Fiverr:  Read these course titles and tell me you could resist clicking them!!

Fiverr Affiliate Program is Free to join plus you can start promoting digital services the same day, you don't even need a website or blog to apply!

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