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How to Make Money on Pinterest

By livesmartuk

January 31, 2021

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This article is putting to rest the most common question I get asked day after day, what's the easiest way for a beginner with zero qualifications or experience to make money online working from home? My answer has to be to make money on Pinterest with affiliate links in 2021! No brainer here's why Pinterest is my top choice.


How to make money on pinterest without a blog in 2021

My No1 reason why making money on Pinterest is awesome! ready? You don't need a website or blog! This fact changes everything, previously to successfully run an affiliate marketing business you would need to create or pay to have built a website or blog both options take time and money.

Now think of each Pinterest Pin as an advert for your affiliate link "let that sink in" each Pin's image can be the product your promoting and the write up is your product info "each pin is a mini landing/sales page" 

The pin below is one I created to promote a CIGADesign watch. This watch is the only advert I needed to sell over 50 watches "christmas 2020" These Pins can easily be created on Free software I use a program called Tailwind.

Some of the links below are affiliate links, so we may receive a commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. Check our disclosure for more info.

make money on pinterest

Targeted Marketing on Pinterest.

Unlike other social media sites where users randomly happen upon your post or advert, with Pinterest, Pins are targeted and therefore of more marketing value.

We need to think of Pinterest more like Google than Facebook with Pinterest 80% of the time a user has typed in a specific search ie: Women's Short Haircuts or Gadget Gifts For Men. So we can really target our products at the correct audience with clever "Key Words" and "Relevant Images"

Step by Step In-depth Guide to Making Money on Pinterest

step 1

Free Business Account.

If you haven't got a Pinterest account sign-up now it's free and takes a couple of minutes, plus this tutorial will make much more sense if you are familiar with the platform. 

make sure you choose a username that will get you noticed in your Niche one of my user accounts is called "Probarbertips" its specialises in men's hairstyles etc. My other account is called "Livesmartuk" it's about making smart money decisions in the UK. See how this works if you're giving gym or work out advice. Call it XXXX workouts etc.

Once you have a personal account you can upgrade for free to a business account which is super simple to set up.

Make sure you "claim your website" Access this menu by clicking on your user icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen, click the dropdown the select "Settings" this takes you to the screen pictured below. Next click on "Claim" from here you can Claim/Link your Websites, Instagram, Etsy Store and YouTube accounts.

" this is done by copy and a line of HTML text provided by Pinterest and pasting it in your header tag "I use a WordPress plugin called Headers and footers which makes this step a breeze" Once you've claimed your site if anyone saves one of your pins it links to your site "free advertising awesome" 

make money on pinterest

So by now, you've got a business account with an awesome username and linked to a website if you have one. Fill in your Bio, make yourself sound knowledgeable in your niche and use keywords! more on this later.

step 2

Magic Numbers.

The business account gives you extra valuable analytical information in the dashboard and lets you set up ad campaigns.these analytics includes .

  • Impressions: How many people have seen your pin.
  • Engagments + close-ups: The number of people and (% of views) who have taken a closer look, clicked on your pin.
  • Link Clicks: The only one that really matters as this is the money maker!
  • Saves: How many people have saved one of your Pins to their boards.

link click's this is the boss! the important one it tells you who's loved your pin so much they have clicked on the link to your website. So this tells you that pins a winner and you must replicate that success in all your other pins! ask yourself why, was it the image used? or the keyword title? the description? This is valuable information, marketers pay fortunes for this!

My Previous top ranking Pin has had over 68,000 hits this month and that's for mens hairstyles, men actually only account for 29% of Pinterest users can you imagine how many hits ladies hairstyles would have got. Women make up 71% of Pinterest users with an 85% age range of between 25-52 memorize this fact it's going to make you rich.


The next images show how much my new "women's hairstyles" Pinterest account has increased it's traffic in just 1 month: Impressions are up +169% from 0 to 607k. Saves +325% to 1.1k and most importantly outbound clicks to my website are up +264% to 2.4k. To get this kind of statistics in under a month are phenomenal! All of those 2400 clicks to my website are all via free organic traffic "and we all know that clicks = Money, right?"

Adam Powell  Writer

make money on Pinterest
make money on pinterest 2021

Supercharge Your Impressions with Pinterest

 "Audience Insights"

See the image below in just 29 days I increased my Impressions by 126% Total audience up 99% Engagements up 59% Clicks up Affiliate referral Commissions on FIRE!

affiliate marketing on pinterest

This was easy once we mastered a powerful Pinterest tool named Audience Insights analytics. All the guesswork has gone “marketing 101 know your market who’s your dream customer” when we click the audience insights option our target market is spelt out for us in black and white. We can promote our affiliate promotions with the accuracy of a sniper.

pinterest audience insights
affiliate marketing on Pinterest

Boom there we go this information is "Golden" our main Pinterest audience is Men aged between 18-24. We even know they have an "affinity for fashion!" and most are viewing via mobile!

make money on pinterest
affiliate marketing on pinterest

So now we know who our main client base is, we can design our Pinterest Pin marketing strategy around this information. Take a look at x2 Pins below both Pins tells you the exact same story; they promote the same page on my website, with what we've learned through audience insights which Pin do you think we will roll with A or B?

Pin A:

how to make money on pinterest 2021

Pin B:

pinterest marketing

Obviously, we go with Pin A as the majority of our traffic is men aged between 18-24 "they ain't gonna click no girly Pin"


Market Research & Target Audience.  

On Pinterest, you have a targeted audience of 320 million. So what does all this mean for making money? it means everything here's how. If you have any experience on Pinterest you will know it's a search engine for ideas! It's like Google in that respect. People who use Pinterest are looking for something either information or products. And once we find out what they are searching for we can sell them what they want.

First things first find out what the public wants! It's called market research and here's how it's done. Read this article, it's your research bible: Pinterest100.com this will give you a detailed description of exactly what's trending that year. It's a foolproof guide if you want to make money on Pinterest this is the blueprint.


So How do Beginners Make Money on Pinterest?

As we mentioned earlier the easiest way to start making money on Pinterest is affiliate marketing. So now we need to join an affiliate marketing program, nearly every business you can imagine has some sort of affiliate program most require you to have an established website with a high-level of traffic, some programs take days even weeks to accept you if ever! Then there's the commission and cookies to consider Amazon has a great affiliate program that lets you market almost any product on their store but the commission rate is a dismal 1-8% on most items. 

1# Affiliate Program 2021

So my No1 Affiliate program for 2021 is Fiverr affiliate's, it lets you promote over 200+ future proof high demand services everything from Logo Design, Animation Creation, Online Personal Training, Custom tattoos all trending relevant offers. The commission rate for Pro Services is a market-leading £150 per referral sale!
What's more Fiverr Affiliate program is free to join you don't need a Website or Blog & acceptance is instant so we can start marketing offer same day!

Key benefits of Fiverr Affiliate Program.

  • No Website or Blog required.
  • Promote Affiliate Offers on Social Media. 
  • High Commissions up to £150 per referral.
  • Free to Join Instant Acceptance.
  • Choose from 200+ Trending Services to Promote.

Read our Beginners Complete Guide to Joining Fiverr Affiliate Program inc tutorial Videos.


How to Make Pin that goes Viral? 

The first thing we need to promote our Fiverr Affiliate Offer is an idea for a killer pin on that's irresistibly clickable! But inspiration doesn't always come easy so here's what I do, let's say for the sake of this demo we are promoting Logo design which we know is a trending niche. We type Logo design into the Pinterest search bar which shows us all the top results as pictured below. Now we know what the competition is we know how to beat them, by creating a better Pin in every dimension!

pinterest affiliate marketing

Creating amazing Pins is easy with a free app called Tailwind which lets you choose and edit 1000's of the professionally designed Pin templates. You have full control of every element simply drag and drop images & graphics also change your brand colours and much more. Tailwind dashboard gives you access to in-depth step by step design tutorials. Sign up for free today and see what you can create.

how to make money on pinterest 2021

Tailwind Pin Creation App

Creating a Pinterest Pin.


Once we've designed our killer Pin on Tailwind we now upload "Pin" it to Pinterest. From your Pinterest home page click on the Create Button top right-hand corner. Then click Create Pin which opens the page shown below.

make money on Pinterest how to post

The image above is a blank page below is a Pin we've created as a demo ready to upload.

how to make money on pinterest

To upload your Pin which is done by clicking the image box which opens your Files: Downloads: Images: choose the file you require: The 2nd option minimizes the Pinterest tab open downloads the drag and drop my images. This works best for me as I usually upload multiple images in one go sometimes 20+.


Title & Description.


Once we've uploaded the Pin image we have to think of a Catchy, keyword-rich Title for our Pin we get 100 characters. The title has to make sure our Pin reaches the correct audience so an accurate description is vital, let's look at our demo Pin it's aimed for anyone searching for women's hairstyles.


73+ Trending Short Haircuts for Women 2021 Inspirational Hairstyles #haircut

It's good practice to use eye-catching numbers in the title thus 73+ "trending" we use the term trending as it makes the viewer think the hairstyles are up to date. Then we have our focus keyword "Short Haircuts for Women 2021" this is the exact keyword search term. I also like to add the year 2021 as hairstyles need to be of the season.

We also use buzz words like "Inspirational Hairstyles" and lastly don't forget your hashtags "#haircut" Once you've written a few titles you will get a feeling for what works and what doesn't. I always like a read other peoples Pin titles in my niche for inspiration.


For the description we get 500 characters. Go more in-depth with your description give lots of details, this is when you seal the deal and really sell your affiliate product. List all the benefits of your service make them click your link! Use keywords and hash tags.


When & Where to Pin?

Next, we must add a destination URL this can be your website or blog page to get traffic. Alternatively, you can place one of your Fiverr Affiliate Links in there, so when the Pin is clicked the customer is taken straight to Fiverr.com "where if they purchase a service within 30 days you get paid an affiliate commission"

make money on pinterest

We get the option to Pin Now or choose a specific time "studies suggest the best time to Pin for optimal viewing figures is between 8-11 on a Wednesday evening!"
We can upload all the Pins with chosen times manually.

 I use the calendar feature on my Tailwind app and let their smart algorithm post my Pins automatically at the optimal times.

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