7 Secrets To Promote Any Product. 


Why You Need This Course.


Minutes a day


Minutes a week


Minutes a year

Q: Can you guess what those times indicate?

144 minutes is the time a western 15-24 year old spends on social media per day!! Fact.

You need to get your product or service in front of those eyes. 

Sky rocket

Social media usage is up 62% in 8 years since 2012. Thats insane growth curve.

Low cost 

It costs $28 to reach 1000 people on a TV Ad. It costs only $2.50 to reach a 1000 people on social media.


With social media Ads especially Pinterest Ads you have a Target Audience that means they have a genuine interest in what your selling. Your not just throwing mud at a wall!

the new norm

​With the 2020 stay at home situation. Constantly checking social media for updates has become the new norm, for every age range. This is a trend that now started will become standard.

The 3 ways to make money on Instagram in 2020

Hey it would be awesome if we were all influencers like Kylie Jenner and made $12 million for every Instagram pic we post! But in reality, you ain't "yet" so follow these tips and you can even earn a fraction of Kylie's cash it will be worth it right?


Influencer 1#

Get millions of followers and become an "Influencer" sponsored posts ! This is where you make real big money is on Instagram its all about the numbers the more followers you have, the more valuable your account is to BRANDS! Heres how it works Influencers with 100k plus followers can charge at least $1000 per post, Sam Ushiro with 283k followers charges £1500 per post.

Supercharge that to 100+ million followers and you're looking at 500k per post see it soon mounts up. It also depends on your niche if you're a fashion icon Armani will pay you more per post than if your niche is a Lego expert "yes its a thing".


Affiliate Marketing #2

Affiliate marketing on Instagram. You big up and advertise other people products or services. There are 100s of affiliate schemes to join each with there own specific advantages and disadvantages let's just go with the obvious "Amazon Affiliate" here's how it works you pick your trending niche product ie the latest fitness gadget. Post pics or videos of your self or people you know using said device

"then write how cool it is and how it's changed your life and you've lost 8 stone in 3 days! its called artistic licence it's not lying, haha"

You leave your unique tracking affiliate link in the bio. Tip use to shorten the tracking code thus make it more attractive and clickable, cos clicks means cash.​​​​


Sell Your Own Product #3

If you're already a big deal like Grant Cardone "personal hero" Then what do you get out of Instagram? you're not in it for the brand sponsorship, and you don't need to flog affiliate products, so what's the point.

When your that big you are the brand people will hang on your every word you say jump they say how high. So you tell them to go to your website to take charge of your life stop being a loser and buy Grants course! Grant is an absolute business and motivational powerhouse I have read his book The 10x Rule about 30 times and each time you pick up another kick-ass tip read it if you can it will guide you on your journey to greatness.

 This is way of making money on Instagram we call Personal Branding.

So Why Is Now The Time To Make Money Online?

Because you can't afford not to! Look at the horrific figures below stated below the 2020 recession is going to dwarf 2008 and cripple future generations. The only possible winners are people who work from home and make money online they have been relatively unaffected by the pandemic, so today is the day to build an online empire.

What we have to look forward to in 2020!

% of Worlds Work Force at Risk Of Loosing Livelihood in 2020.
Collapse in Wages
Drop in Household Income

facts quoted from the

Pro Tips To Grow Your Instagram Followers + Likes

Everyone goes about business their own way they all have the little secrets that make them the boss. So now we here from two Instagram guys who make a living on Instagram on how to grow your followers and likes, cos we all know what followers mean! that's right cash and that's the name of the game.

Enter So here's a question I get asked daily, how do you get more targeted followers. notice what's important about this question? Its the targeted part that's golden, anyone can get average joe followers by just randomly following anyone and hope they follow you back! But they are just worthless numbers white social noise. You need people to follow you that have an interest in what your selling that's a target market and here is who you get them.

​Let's say for example you're selling a financial service ie how to make money

 "Drop Servicing" find an authority in Drop Servicing an influencer in this niche who gets 1000's of comments and likes for every post "real target engagement" these followers are hungry for the next big thing and guess what you're it!

An hour before your about to post get your self noticed start a buzz in those niche circles Leave a comment on the Influencers thread but also reply on the follower's comments I usually do top 20-30. If it's a dope comment it's bound to spike their interest in you and they will follow you + see you upcoming awesome post.

Don't write each reply from scratch that'll take all night have pre-made comments for any occasion written on then just copy and paste them as and when. Example below. Zoom in for a closer look. You're giving them credit but just advertising your stuff so it's a win-win I've had tons of attention from this method.

how to make money on Instagram 2020

liam jones


How to grow your audience fast. If you're just starting and haven't decided what niche to run with, a good way to build a following is by using motivational quotes. People love this stuff I've seen guys with 10,000+ likes and 2000 comments per post.

I created this Instagram post using a free program called Canva and searching images for "wealth" I got the quote from a diary page there's a quote for every day of the year so there's 365 posts boom. You can use food quotes, boxing, sports whatever you feel comfortable with.

how to make money on Instagram

peter wALSH


Hey: are you going to start making money on Instagram today?

Dam right I am! Well before you start check out our featured marketing course by Jon Youshaei, his references included Marketing manager at YouTube, ranked as one of the world's top marketers by Forbes & Entrepreneur.

I'm giving you access to his amazing online course Viral Marketing: 7 Secrets To Promote Any Product, start your future TODAY. Going into business is like going into a war you need knowledge and planning to win otherwise its a bloodbath. Jon's course gives you those tactics and knowledge to win the war and build a bulletproof social media business from the ground up starting now.

make money on Instagram

jon youshaei - viral marketer

In this course, you'll learn about the process of "going viral." It's not pure luck. No fluff. No touchy-feely theories. Only proven tactics, tools, and templates ready to apply whether you’re marketing a product, book, personal brand or crowdfunding campaign. This course is ideal for individuals who are ready to take their brand or business to a new level.

Put an end to the guessing games, and come learn what it actually takes to go viral so you can promote any product. 

Viral Marketing: 7 Secrets To Promote Any Product

Knowledge Is Power!

Here Is All You Need To Know


 1: What makes a marketing campaign viral?

There’s a big difference between a standard marketing campaign and a viral-marketing campaign. Every marketing message should be memorable, but to go viral, content needs to engage people at a deeper level. It shouldn’t feel like a sales pitch, but a message people will feel compelled to share. It’s not easy to get ahead of competitors, so be prepared to take risks and push the boundaries! Forget about selling, and instead tell your product story in a way that’s engaging, unique, and funny.

how to make money on Instagram 2020


 2: What is a product-marketing strategy?

A product-marketing strategy is a roadmap created to promote a product and maximize its appeal. The strategy should ultimately lead to higher sales – something every business wants! The most successful product-marketing strategies involve telling a story. This story should tap into real-world problems that people will relate to. 

Then, once the need for a solution is clear, the product can be presented as that solution. The basic techniques behind a successful product-marketing strategy also apply to marketing a service, a personal brand, or anything else!


 3: How do I start a career in marketing?

Marketing is a competitive sector, but you could stand apart from others by investing time in developing your professional skills. This course is designed to give you an in-depth understanding of viral marketing; you’ll learn practical techniques that you can apply to real-world campaigns. This will prepare you to offer professional marketing services here on Fiverr. You’ll probably start by planning and managing small campaigns – but that’s the perfect way to build the skills and reputation you’ll need to secure bigger projects.

how to make money on instagram 2020


 4: How do you create a product-marketing strategy?

The key to every great product-marketing strategy is knowledge! The more you know about your audience, your competitors, and your product, the more likely you’ll be to succeed. Start with your audience – who are they, what problems do they face, and how can your message reach them?

Then look at competitors – what do they do right, and – just as important – what do they do wrong? Finally, think about your own product – what unique value proposition sets it apart and says ‘buy me’

how to make money on Instagram 2020

Future Proof Lessons Included in the Course.

  •  Sell The Problem, Not The Solution. START YOUR FREE PREVIEW NOW 
  • Think Like a Magazine, Not a Salesman (4:30)
  • Content Is King, but Consistency Is Queen (3:56)
  •   Punch Above Your Weight Class (11:00)
  • Bulid an Audience By Borrowing (10:25)
  • Be a Shadow, Not a Ghost (5:19)
  • Tips to Be a 5 Stars Freelancer (16:07)

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What incredible content! Thank you for this great course!

andy murray // Photographer

very informative and great formulated. I'll definitely take an other course of this guy. 5+ star from me :)

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Jon's course is not directly related to my actual profession or job but indirectly useful for part of what I do and will benefit some of my clients, and might as well prove useful generally, being a freelancer.
It was an opportunity to learn some new things and to look over the rim of a teacup. 
I enjoyed the content as well as the presentation. 

Marketing pros probably know some or a lot of the content but I definitely recommend it to people like me - lots of insights and ideas to work with, I was inspired enough to look up and start using one of the recommended tools the very next day after finishing the course

Peter Dawson  //  It Consultant

viral marketing 2020

Very insightful, highly recommend for anyone looking to launch a product or improve the performance of their marketing campaigns for an existing product, basically if you have something you want people to buy online, this course is a MUST!

twitty // Banner Ads

drop servicing 2020

Power packed informative actionable course with perfect presentation making it simple, easy and faster to understand and apply.

Saraht  //  Content Creator 

ebbok creation software

Excellent insight into proven and effective strategies! All the lessons are well taught and backed up with case studies. Jon presents the course information exceptionally well. Great Course!

shaun tink  //  Consultant

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