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How to Become an Affiliate Marketer

By livesmartuk

February 2, 2021

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how to become an affiliate marketer

With the explosion of #workfromhome comes the next question "Legit ways to make money online" If you've ever searched either of these questions you've no doubt seen the term affiliate marketing! So what is an affiliate marketer?

Affiliate marketing is promoting a product or service for a 3rd party company. You are creating an advert for their products & in return, you get paid a commission a percentage of the sale price.

Commissions vary depending on which affiliate program you choose to promote varying from 2% -80% the one I use pay me a flat rate of $150 per referral sale.

Almost every company you can imagine has an affiliate program it can make up a huge portion of a companies revenue. Amazon has one of the biggest and most successful affiliate programs ever! and it's the first port of call for nearly all newbie marketers.
Just imagine being able to promote any Amazon item and getting paid a commission to do so....

How much Money can you Earn Affiliate Marketing?


How to become an affiliate marketer

Valued at  £80million+

Financial Affiliate Progarms.

Niche: Money Saving, Frugal Living.

Money-saving expert the brainchild of "national treasure" Martin Lewis has grown from a £100 startup in 2003 to being valued and sold by Martin in 2012 for £85 million "In 2011 MoneySavingExpert generated revenues of nearly £16m from 39 million users." MSE is the UK's leading personal finance, money-saving, frugal living website.


affiliate marketing

Monthly Affilaite Earnings $20,000+

Amazon Affiliate Progarm.

Niche: Gadgets and Gifts.

It shouldn't work but it does "thisiswhyimbroke" earns a fortune and sells nothing! it simply gives quick reviews on daft amazon gadgets "but hey if it works it works". 


what is affiliate marketing

Value $500 million

Finance Affiliate Progarm.

Niche: Mortages, Credit Cards, Loans.

The US version of MSE and another rag to riches story from its founder Tim Chen who like so many others during the financial 2008 crisis, found himself unemployed so he started a website with $800 which grew in just 13 years to a $500 million mega-site, with 10 million visitors per day! If you need a mortgage or loan in the US Nerdwallet is your 1st choice.

What are Affiliate Links?

The two main ways to promote an affiliate product are by creating an "affiliate link" to a specific product or service on a webpage. This affiliate link contains a unique to your account tracking code whenever one of your links is clicked the company logs it in your account.

The second way is to use a "banner ad" which is a professionally designed advert provided by your affiliate program. Paste the banner ad relevant content on your blog/webpage.

Example of an "affiliate Link" used as txt and Button then selection of "banner ads" used in a post about Logo design both links take you to the same page on Fiverr.

The one thing every brand needs to stand out from the crowd in 2021 is a "Killer Logo Design" for inspiration chat to one of the Professional designers on Fiverr.com.

See the difference? Which method do you prefer? The sutle txt link blended into a sentence the Button or one of the many Banner Ads. Which do you think will get you the most clicks and conversions? The only way to find out is through AB testing "trial and error"

Why Choose Affiliate Marketing?

The number 1 reason affiliate marketing is the best choice for newbie's wanting to make money online is the super low start-up cost. Unlike a traditional online business selling for example clothing where you would have to spend £10,000's on the stock, then pay rent on the warehouse to store it all. Then you have staff, postage & packaging, insurance costs! You might have returns to deal with, the list goes on.

Sure you can create your price with a traditional store but the hassle that comes with it is huge.

When a customer clicks your affiliate link they are directed to the 3rd party website to make their purchase, so all the hassle + expense lies with them and you get paid a nice fat commission.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing. 

Now you have a basic idea of affiliate marketing lets look at the pros and cons as this is an unbiased review of the business model.

  • Low start-up costs compared to an online store no products to purchase or store.
  • We can promote affiliate links on Social Media, Email Marketing, Website or Blog.
  • A massive number of affiliate programs available to join.
  • You can earn $10,000's per months in commissions.
  • It takes time and dedication to run a successful affiliate business.
  • You get paid commissions, not a set price.
  • You need to choose the right program dont get scammed!  
  • Programs are getting picky with who they accept.

Choosing a Niche.

You need to pick a Niche or business theme. Pick a niche that you have a passion for so you can give valuable advice to your followers and remember knowledge sells.

Altho I said to pick a niche you have passion for it also has to be one that people want to hear about and that can convert followers to customers. So don't choose "Homemade Potato Sculptures from 1986" I doubt you'd have many followers and what would you sell them? You need to choose an evergreen niche which is one people need all year round like diets people always want to be thinner or money-making tips people always to want to be richer.

Top 6 "Evergreen" Affiliate Niches that Make Money In 2021.

Why Choose Us:

Health & Fitness.

People want to be fitter and healthier 12 months a year making this one of the best Affiliate Niches plus it's just so versatile you could promote the latest Protein Powder or Weight Loss Supplement "we've all spent money on these, Right?"

 Promote Online Personal Trainers 

Making Money:

You can never have enough money people are always desperate to make a quick buck! So why not Promote Money-Making Courses or How I became Rich Books.


People always dream of travel so start a travel blog or just Pin holiday snaps on Pinterest with Affiliate links to travel agents.


Super simple but highly lucrative create a blog and do Top 10 Reviews like best Headphones or Earbuds or whatever is trending that month then link each product to Amazo n. For those of us non fashion experts how about promoting Online Personal Shoppers to give us a complete makeover!

Frugal Living:

Money-saving tips and advice! If you needed any proof that this is a highly profitable niche look at moneysavingexpert.com it was started for $150 and sold for $80,000,000 yes that's $80 million.


Everyones gotta eat right? but not everyone can cook, so create a blog with 100's of recipes and link the ingredients and cooking utensils to Amazon affiliates each commission might be small but 1000's of link clicks will add up.

Or how about promoting online Zoom Cooking Lessons!

Whats the Best Affiliate Marketing Program in 2021.

This is the million-dollar question and there is no correct answer, what suits me with an established website in the "Money Making Niche:" won't suit a newbie in the "Gadget Tech Review Niche"
I will review my top 5 affiliate programs in 2021 inc reasons for use.

1# Fiverr Affiliate Program.

My go-to affiliate program "for livesmartuk.com" is Fiverr Affiliates, the services it lets me promote are in high demand and trending they suit my Money Making Niche perfectly.
The Fiverr Affiliate Dashboard gives us 100's of "cutting edge professionally designed" Banner ads and Video ads to promote. They also have a world-class knowledge section where you can learn everything about their program. 

  • You don't need a website or blog plus FREE to join!
  • High commission rates starting at £150 per referral sale + 30 day cookie.
  • Vast selection of up to date well designed promotional material. 
  •  One of the few affiliate programs that allows Email Marketing + Social Media Marketing.

Altho not your first choice for every niche like physical gifts, gadgets etc there is a way around this as we created a "Men's Bespoke Unusual Gifts Website" and used alternative Fiverr categories to promote gifts such as Original Tattoo Designs, Cartoon Caricatures, Online WebDesign Lessons "a Great Gift"

Fiverr Affiliate Program is full-spectrum with an extensive range of services to promote from Learn Fiverr Courses to AndCo business products not to mention the 200+ categories on Fiverr.com that's why it's my number 1 choice. Read Our in-depth Review of The Fiverr Affiliate program.

2# Amazon Affiliate Program.

You didn't really think id do a Top 5 affiliate programs without including the Big Kahuna! Did Ya Amazon Affiliates is an all-encompassing marketing H-bomb! it's where we all start our affiliate journey and for good reason imagine you can promote nearly any "99%" of the products on Amazon, Think about that for a moment 100,000 of products in any Niche the latest iPhone, Bikes, Amazon Prime, Food, Nike Trainers "mind-blowing"

  • Promote 100,000's of niche products. Free to join.
  • Massive online support community FB groups, forums.
  • Easy to promote but low commissions "double edges sword" 
  • Great affiliate support + knowledge centre.

So it should be number 1! Not anymore Amazon as a whole has gotten to nig for its own boots. Before Amazon took over the world they were glad of a little affiliate help to promote their products "this program has made more affiliate multi-millionaires then any other"

We put them where they are today then the screwed us lowering the commissions to virtual pence on the pound, the banner ads are dated, saturated promotions the list goes on. Amazon Affiliates will always have its place "but so did the last dinosaur" Join Amazon Affiliate.

3# JustAnswer Affiliate Program.

JustAnswer is an affiliate program like no other and brings with it game-changing money-making opportunities. Here's how it works: you place some code on your blog page and when a guest scrolls down the page a pop-up chat bubble appears with an expert on hand to answer a question on a specific niche subject. Your commission which is between $3-$15 depending on the category is earned with each question that's answered.

  • JustAnswer offers a unique affiliate application. You get a live chat bubble solving customers problems directly from your site no other programs offers anything like it.
  • Live chat offers amazing on-page retention which marks you higher with Google.
  • Take your money-saving / frugal living niche to the next level.
  • Free to join + great commission rates. 

Justanswer Affiliate Program is free to join and with little imagination can make you a lot of money. Click here to see my example's of how to make money with justanswer.

4# Aliexpress Affiliate Program.


Aliexpress is one of my all-time favourite websites & for those of you who don't know Alixpress is its just like Amazon, full of categories ranging from Fashion, Kitchen, Electronics, Sports Gear, Gadgets and much more "there are even some crazy things on there you won't find anywhere else". But all at a "China" wholesale price sometimes 90% off Amazon RRP most of the sellers on Amazon and eBay are buying items from Alixpress then selling them on for a large profit "basically acting as a middle man"

 Aliexpress has a Free to Join affiliate program that pays out higher commissions starting at 8% and a cookie tracking time of 30 days which is better than Amazon 1% and 24h tracking time. It's also easy to promote virtually Identical products found elsewhere online but for a 90% discount. Payments can be made once your commissions reach $16 which is easily done.

  • Upto 90% off RRP Prices which makes for Attractive Offers to Promote.
  • High Commision Rates Top Affiliates are Earning $30,000 per Month.
  • Promote affiliate links via email, social media "no blog needed"
  • Easy to join. Massive selection of items, long cookie duration.

If you want high commissions and a massive range of super-cheap unusual products to promote then you can't go wrong with Alixpress. Just make sure you put the time and get used to how the "unusual" site works. And you will make money.

5# Designrr Ebook Creation Software.

designer affiliate program

Easy software to promote in the Work From Home, Make Money Online, Side Hustle Niche which is trending right now. This product creates eBooks by converting Blog posts, Podcasts, Videos and PDFs into eBooks. It's packed full of useful features and has 100's of eBook templates to choose from.

The Affiliate Commission rate is 50% which is recurring for each product you promote and sell.

I love the Designrr home landing page it is what I model a lot of my websites on you should take a look

 Designrr Affiliates is free to join.

  • Earn 50% recurring commissions.
  • Promote the "High Demand" work from home niche
  • Great easy to use product plenty of Youtube tutorials + reviews.
  • High demand trending "Keyword Niche" Ebook creation software.

If you want to promote a great digital product in a highly searched for niche "trending 2021" with great commission then look no further than Designrr ebook creation software join for free today.

Now for the Good Part, How to Promote Your Affiliate Links.

Via Email:

No way? Yes, way it's that simple! All you need to earn money online with affiliate links is an email address and as many contacts as you can. Just make sure the affiliate program you want to promote allows email marketing. Read our guide: Learn everything you need to Start Affiliate Email Marketing Today.

Facebook Groups:

Join Facebook groups I join money-saving or frugal living ones and when you get a good affiliate offer post it on the group board.

Read our Guide: How to Affiliate Market on Facebook for Free.


Affiliate marketing on Pinterest is "Killa" it's revolutionised the industry! No website or blog needed simply add your affiliate link to your Pinterest Pin easy money. Read our Updated Guide to Making Money on Pinterest 2021.

Website or Blog:

If you have the time and energy or don't mind spending a little cash to have a blog created for you then a Blog is King you have complete control of your audience, not just a social media headline to grab their attention. Just imagine if you can earn $150 from 1 link in an email what can you earn with a blog post full of links.

What next? 

Congratulations on reading our Beginners guide to affiliate marketing we hope it's inspired you to learn more. Then read our in-depth step by step guide to making your 1st affiliate sale within 48h! "Read in the order shown". Good look let us know how you get on in the comments below.

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