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How to Affiliate Market on Facebook for Free

By livesmartuk

February 9, 2021

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how to affiliate market on facebook for free

We love Affiliate marketing on Facebook. It's a newbie-friendly "most people are used to the platform" way to start your online business plus it's free to post affiliate links. We will show you how to promote to a target audience. That's why we created the complete beginner's guide to teach you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing on Facebook in 2021.

4 Steps to Affiliate Marketing on Facebook.

step 1

Join an Affiliate Program.

Take your pick there are 1000's of companies to choose! But joining the correct affiliate program to promote on Facebook is easier said than done, not all affiliate programs let you market on social media "you'll be banned before you even start". Most programs require you to have an existing blog with proof of traffic "usually need's to be 1000's per month".

We also need to think outside the box as times are tight in 2021 so the offer needs to pop!
So what's the answer?
The only affiliate program to tick every box is Fiverr Affiliate Program it's free to join you get instant access to Fiverr marketing tools so you can be promoting offers same day! You don't need a website or blog to join. Fiverr affiliates are made for social media we get to promote high demand digital services plus the commission rate is top class up to £150 per referral sale.

step 2

Choose a Niche.

If you know your affiliate niche great if you don't then read our post: How to Choose a Lucrative Affiliate Marketing Niche in 2021.

step 3

Affiliate Market on Facebook Groups.

Let's say your chosen trending niche is "making money online" We need to search for and join Facebook groups in that niche.

How to affiliate market on facebook

A quick Facebook group search brings up variations within the money-making niche so we can be sniper accurate with our promotion targeting. I would choose the "Make Money Online UK" group as my first choice purely because I am UK based and will have more in common with members of a native group. Pick one group at a time so as not to overwhelm yourself we will build the groups over time. 

How to affiliate market on facebook

choose a group with over 10,000 members these money groups to have 84k, 68k & 17k which is perfect. The bigger the audience a better chance that someone clicks our affiliate links and we earn a commission.

Also, make sure the group has lots of Posts "questions" per day, these groups have between 340 and 1.3 a day.

Now for the main event! How do I Promote Affiliate Links on Facebook?

step 4

Answering Questions.

The real money on Facebook is answering all those group questions! That's what's meant by "targeted marketing" : you're answering a question someone asked, "with your affiliate promotion". They will click your link as you're solving their problem plus there are probably 100's of other group members in the same situation who will also clickety-click that link.

I made so much referral commission during the march lockdown with this method as everyone was asking the million-dollar question "how do you make money during the lockdown" I just promoted the hell out of the Learn Fiverr Digital Courses they couldn't get enough "neither could my PayPal account"

Become an Expert in your Niche.

This is why it's important to choose a niche that you have knowledge or passion for because you are going to be answering lots of questions! We need to build trust and authority in our groups, we need to be that "Go to Guy" when someone has a question their first thought needs to be Dave will know the answer. That way the money is coming to you. You must have come across the go-to guy in other groups those, fonts of all knowledge?

Be careful tho not every question should be answered with affiliate promotion if you overcook them you will be seen as spammy and no one will care what you say 'make those promotions count"

Here's a cheeky tip we use to start conversations on "slack post days" create x2 completely separate FB accounts " A male & female bulk them out with family pics etc. Make them seem viable".

This way if you get a killer affiliate offer to promote but no ones asking the right questions to slip it in! Ask your own question from account A, then answer with account B "use your affiliate link in the answer" this is a great method for getting conversations going a bit like insider trading! "Sometimes you gotta kick start the market"!

Jenny Martins

UI/UX Designer

To find trending questions in your niche simply type your keywords into Google search. Take note of the "people also ask" section. These are the questions getting the highest traffic on Google. We call these the million-dollar questions. Design your affiliate promotions around these answers.

how to affiliate market on facebook

The bottom of Google search gives us the "Searches related to making money" which is also golden for marketing inspiration.

how to affiliate market on Facebook

Use Reddit & Quora for post/thread inspiration. Join the group's in your niche & really take note of the questions being asked "and the answers given" All the information you'll ever need is on Reddit, the questions are answered by seasoned professionals take their advice, learn all you can "Remember knowledge is Power"

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