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Learn Affiliate Email Marketing Easy New Business Ideas 2021

By livesmartuk

February 3, 2021

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Wow "Mind Blown" was my reaction when I read the Fiverr Affiliate Program terms and conditions "pictured below" you can promote Fiverr affiliate links via affiliate email marketing!! Do you understand what this means? You can now run a fully functional highly targeted online marketing business without a website/Blog or 10,000 followers on social media. This is by far the cheapest and easiest way to start an online business today Fiverr Affiliate Program is free to join plus you don't need a website to be accepted and you can start promoting affiliate links the same day. Read our Complete Beginners Guide to the Fiverr Affiliate Program.

Please note this is a beginners guide to Affiliate Email Marketing we are assuming you are starting from scratch, in which case this guide will get you your first online sale! If you already have an intermediate to advanced knowledge of email marketing you need to read: How to create a professional email campaign with Mailchimp.

Some of the links below are affiliate links, so we may receive a commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. Check our disclosure for more info.

You can promote Fiverr on different platforms – blogs and websites, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, emails, podcasts and the list goes on.

As a Fiverr Affiliate you get customized shareable links and a variety of effective marketing tools. Just place them anywhere online and refer traffic to any Fiverr page that best suits your audience.

Fiverr buyers who click on your links and register will automatically be assigned to your account!

So now we know we can, how do we Email Affiliate Marketing?

Apart from zero start-up costs, the best thing about affiliate email marketing is that it's so targeted you can get the right promotion to the right client "when you use my method". The statistics speak for themselves take a look at the image below email marketing blows social media out of the water! When email marketing is done well it makes serious money.

affiliate email marketing

Creating an Email Marketing Campaign from scratch.

So by now, you will have joined the Fiverr Affiliate Program here's how to promote your links. First I want you to create a spreadsheet list all your contacts inc name & space to write down everything you know about their Hobbies, interests etc. Lastly, write a list of the Fiverr affiliate offers you can easily promote to them using this information. It's going to make the next stage a lot easier.

This is how I start my affiliate email marketing campaign I have Fiverr.com open in a browser window, I then open my email contacts list with your PDF checklist in front of you go from A-Z in your contact list.

Imagin each contact ask yourself the following questions. Lets start with fictional Alison.

  • How will Alison be feeling today, this week or in general will they be affected negatively by the 2021 situation? The mood of the person will determine the tone of the email.
  • What will Alison be missing that she cannot do during a lockdown? Gym, Holiday going out for a meal?
  • What is Alisons financial situation will she need extra income will she have lost her jobs? Will she be looking to retrain in a new career?
  • Who lives there dose Alison have Kids? What are their Hobbies?
  • If you're close to the contact questions be easy, if not do a little Social Media investigation look on Facebook see what you can gauge from the Pictures. These kind of investigations are invaluable lesson if you want a career in online marketing.
affiliate email marketing 2021

adam powell marketer

Why 2021 is an Affiliate Marketers Dream!

I know it is a strange statement when 99% of the population is hiding under a rock worrying about the future. Will they have a job in 6 months? will the kids go back to school, when will the gyms open again. Everyone is stressed out, but what that means for online affiliate marketers is we have a crystal ball to see inside the thought process of 99% of the population. If you know what people are thinking you have a good idea of what to sell them! Buzz word 2021 #Selfcare #homeworkout #workfromhome #crafts See what they have in common? people aren't searching for products they are wanting day to day help.

The more we know about a person the easier it is to promote an affiliate link to them, the conversation will be more natural and less forced. Well, thought out affiliate recommendations will help the person as it's solving a problem they currently have.

Let's say Alison is a single mum who works part-time in an accountants "a job she hates" her passion is writing "she has loads of book ideas but they never get anywhere" she has a teenage son who is obsessed with video games Alison is missing the gym.

I would use these affiliate links in email/txt conversation with Alison:

Affiliate Offers

These are my 3 dream affiliate services for Alison. All services are provided by the Fiverr Affiliate Program. These offers are all natural things a friend would recommend to another friend for the right reasons "it's not spammy".

Keep looking at your contact's write down 2 or 3 affiliate products or services you think would help them. Then take the plunge to send the email!

"Start your email with open questions" I Alison hope your ok how are the kids are they managing with homeschooling? “People love talking about their kids and complaining about their situation” God knows when the gyms are going to open again i've been stuffing my face but I guess we're all in the same boat “Get them thinking about what their missing” i've found this great guy/woman that does personal fitness coaching online via zoom. I had a lesson yesterday.

It's awesome I can feel it today it only cost £xx it made me think of you! Here's her link “ the link is one of your fiverr affiliate links! if the link is clicked and a course purchased you will get an affiliate commission”. Give her a text she does family sessions to get the kids involved. Stay safe and let me know how you get on

Jenny Martins

You know your contacts better than anyone so word the email as you would so it sounds natural, use words you would in normal conversations.


Start Your Future Today!

Click the link below to join Fiverr Affiliate program for Free.

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