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Anyone who's been Screwed over Financially by Lockdown and needs a Way Out!.

This is a Complete Beginners Guide to Creating a Genuine Work From Home Job. Each day you will learn a new skill that builds on the previous day's knowledge.

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5 Easy Steps that will Change Your Future.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Day 1: You will learn the basics of Affiliate Marketing the Easiest, Quickest & Cheapest way to start an online business. We walk you through setting up a free affiliate account with high demand marketing program. No website or blog needed instant access.

How to Choose & Promote your offer.

day 2: A master class in choosing a Trending High Demand Niche Affiliate Offer "Worth $150 Per Referral Sale" that's Targeted using our Exclusive Marketing Strategy "updated for 2021".

Next level Social Media Marketing.

day: You learn how to promote your offer to the Targeted the Masses across Multiple Social Media Platforms for FREE. Find out how the new Pinterest audience insights have changed the game in 2021. 

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Frequently asked questions

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Q: How much will this cost me?

A: Our course is completely FREE we give you the information to make money online "what you do with it is up to you"

Q: I have no skills with marketing I work in a Bar can I still make money?

A: Most people who take the course have zero previous knowledge of making money online. This is an in-depth step by step tutorial every detail is explained: "it's designed for novices".

Q: Do I need any expensive equipment to start?

All you need is a smartphone, tablet or basic laptop plus a social media account and an email address.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Gary Manson - Blogger

Big thank you to all at team live smart just finished my 5-day challenge, worked 10 hours on it got quite addicted to be fair! finished off on £865! Will defo continue. Highly recommend.

Marianne Laton - Marketing

Loving the strategy, I've read every marketing book on Amazon "same old hyped BS" but this course is the first to make sense and MONEY!!!!

Lyra Seaborn - Traveler

Sign up, sign up, sign up! Cannot recommend this course enough dose what it says on the tin, earned almost £500 in 5 days just off but that's my fault for being lazy! Will smash it next week.